Saturday, July 17, 2010

Brushing Your Teeth reduces heart diseases

Men, smokers and diabetics must take much care

Besides preventing decays, gingivitis and other mouth diseases, brushing your teeth is good to your heart. That’s what a Scottish study recently published by the British Medical Journal states: not brushing your teeth at least twice a day can increase the risk of heart disease up to 70%.

The study showed that smokers and other sick men suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity used not to brush their teeth at least twice a day.
Heart diseases can be linked with gum problems which inflammation may provoke arterial obstruction and lead to heart diseases. “The study results confirm what some experts already suspected: that some mouth diseases are related to cardiovascular complications”, states Eduardo Rollo Duarte, dentist and periodontics.

It’s more and more proved that mouth health is absolutely pivotal not only to avoid teeth problems as well as to make the whole body and its vital organs work perfectly.

Author: Dr. Eduardo Rollo Duarte
Source: Flöter&Schauff
Translator: Guess who


Scott said...

yeah. everyon's got to brush their teeth!

luis said...

I never thought this percentage was so high.

Fernanda said...

absolutely agree that we MUST brush our teeth more than twice a day to avoid some healthy problems. However, I don’t know if this study has a bias and I don’t think that we can correlate this so directly. This result could be due to the fact that smokers and people with some diseases, like diabetes, can have some bad hygienic habits.
On the other hand, I agree that people with these conditions can have some complications because of the inflammation caused by gingivitis, for instance.

Ricardo said...

I didn’t read the study, but it is at least curious... I think that correlation could be possible since the region under the tongue has a very efficient vascular system where toxic substances from cigarettes could be absorbed. So, by brushing teeth that absorption would be avoided.