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USTA National Campus, Orlando | USTA

USTA National Campus, Orlando | USTA

Sunday, August 04, 2013

On Advertising


Fill the gaps with the missing verbs.

“How do Jingles, Logos, and Packaging Influence Your Decisions?”
 Advertisements ______ in many forms. Not only can you _____ them, watch them, and hear them as you can sing, hum, and whistle them as well. Advertisers ______ millions of dollars each year developing catchy tunes, or jingles, __  _____ products. Some ads involve entire songs .Other ads just have one or two lines ____ to music. Either way, the advertisers hope that the jingle will help you _________ the product, when you are in a store; you might hum the jingle, _____ about the product, and automatically ______ it.
Advertisers also use LOGOS to sell their products. A logo is a symbol that __________ a company. Some logos are simple shapes, such as a circle or rectangle. Other logos _______ be detailed drawings, the initials of the company, or the full name of the company __________ in a special way.