Sunday, July 25, 2010

Over Eccentric

French Architect Stephane Malka won this year’s NAJAP prize, a distinction given by the French Cultural Ministry. Her project known as Self Defense calls everyone's attention due to its originality, extravagance and audacity.
Here are her own words on the project:
“Motivated by the desire to create a new social scenario, the PAR system is a modular complex providing an alternative to the defiant lifestyle, by positioning itself in a permanent state of insurrection. Its growth is articulated by the vitality of its spontaneous community.

A pocket of active resistance created by welcoming the discontented, this act of guerrilla architecture sets out to hijack the “Great arch of fraternity.” Unite the forsaken (os abandonados), the marginalized, refugees, demonstrators, dissenters, hippies, utopians, and the stateless of all kinds.”

The only question I'd ask her is who would the building manager be.


George Martins said...

I think the better building manager could be Rambo, or The Future Exterminator.

luis said...

I think that would be the same as gathering many religions in one single place. At some point there will be conflicts among them.

Calebe Guths said...

I think it might work as a common ground for people who would never have a chance to dialog and exchange ideas, even if things get a little crazy over there.