Friday, October 16, 2009


Compared to softwares and computer hardwares, robotics have had a timid progress over the last decades. But here is something really big, a breakthrough stuff that allows me to foresee a future where humans will interact and socialize with robots at a serious level.

Let me just step out of the for the good or the bad dichotomy. Imagine that people can get closer to robots to an extent that their emotions and feelings get connected aiming to dissipate eventual depressions or bad moods. I mean, instead of blurting out or giving a piece of your mind to a real human, you might want to do it with “somebody” who'll get the thing stricken out of record in no time at all.

Remember that very few folks in the recent past would imagine that nowadays you could be in North Canada sitting in a beautiful park chatting online by VOIP with a friend in Porto Alegre.
So, it's no wonder if humans become “robotized” in the years to come.


Michael said...

hey Daniel, nice text and nice video too. Personaly, I doubt that robots will be as intelligent as humans in a soon future. I know that human mind is nothing but electrical impulses, and computer can mimic that (in some extent). (Un)fortunately there isn't technology to pack these billions of brain connections in a gadget developed to undertand feelings, moral code, etc... So, I bet in humans for the next 500 years.

Daniel said...

yeah, I guess robots will never be as intelligent as humans too. But my point here is to show the mental and sentimental dependence that might arise as robots evolve to the point of interacting with real people.