Saturday, July 11, 2009

PHYSICS – Why Matter Matters!

Can you guess who it is?

"I’m a riddle (enigma). I am what I’m not. A blank space without a crumb (migalha) of matter. Diddly squat (uma quantia pequena ou sem valor). Ancient scientists thought I was impossible- how could nothing be something? But it’s only away from the influence of Mass and matter that the Universe approaches perfection. I cancel out Friction so that Light can travel at its theoretical fastest.

I clean your home, freeze-dry and vacuum-pack food for freshness, and keep your drinks hot or cold in flasks (frascos). But step outside your spacecraft in outer space and I’ll suck the life out of you in a few minutes. My lack of pressure will also boil your bodily fluids. Astronauts wear pressurized suits to stop this happening. But even in the cold emptiness of space, there’s a tiny flicker (palpitação) of restless (inquieta) Energy. You might get something from nothing after all.
(Text by Dan Green)

So, what's your choice?

a) Antimatter
b) Radio Wave
c) Frequency
d) Vacuum
e) Magnetism

Please leave your answers in the comments.


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Cele said...

I'm sure it is vacuum!!! Initially I thought that it was the electron because of the first sentences, don't you think so?

Borré said...

I think it is "the nothing". Or better, the "almost nothing" because in practice we can't have total absence of matter... that would be absolute vacuum (answer: d).

Carol said...

I bet it is vaccum! At the beginning I thought that it could be Antimatter but when I read the descriptions of its properties, I had no doubt! It was perfect! Vaccum!