Friday, June 26, 2009


As I wrote in my last post: “To legitimate these atrocities the state uses mass media to entertain people and keep them lethargic as savagery runs rampant.” Now check this friendly and “unsuspecting” activity of the president in Porto Alegre today (Jun 26):

Lula aciona máquinas do novo parque gráfico
RBS inaugura hoje complexo para impressão de ZH e Diário Gaúcho

Os leitores de Zero Hora terão um jornal com maior qualidade de impressão, mais colorido e chegando mais cedo às suas mãos a partir de amanhã. No final da tarde de hoje, o Grupo RBS inaugura seu novo parque gráfico, em Porto Alegre.

A primazia de acionar as rotativas suíças Wifag – as mais modernas em atividade no Brasil – será do presidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Can we infer anything out of it?


Patrick said...

The influence of the media over the people is strong. But anyway, I like the Zero Hora newspaper

Michael said...

Lula is doing on of his roles as President: trying to stay on media focus, since we have elections in the next year. RBS in its turn is simply improving its business. President doesn't seem to be using RBS as a mean of entertaining people. Moreover, as far as I know RBS is a kind of political adversary of PT. So, I cant imagine both going hand in hand. See you!

Borré said...

These days media can easily drive our way of thinking the way it wants. And government knows that. This is a good guess for the reason why Lula had personally inaugurated new RBS facilities which (as far as I know) won’t create much more employment or recipe for State.
I do not think it’s only a matter of being in front of spotlights (for sure it is one of reasons). Why doesn’t he appear in trade fairs, other companies’ inaugurations, etc.? He does sometimes but his schedule is often too busy for it. That never happens with huge media companies (Globo, RBS, etc.).
In other words these printing buildings won’t provide any substantial benefits for society but to guarantee a friendly president image for a while, no matter by which means (being in media focus or getting along with media companies).

Daniel said...

Michael: "RBS is a kind of political adversary of PT"
Hookers make out with everyone.
The fact that those new facilities are no great deal for RS economy only make matters more weird.

Glória said...

well, I don't no if was good or not his visitation, but i know that we are very close the elections to a new President and the PT in Porto Alegre needs a new performance with people. In fact, I don't read newspaper and I don't
like PT.