Wednesday, October 29, 2008

While more and more people are looking for WiMax , Sprint has recently officially launched their first citywide Wimax networking in Baltimore and it’s still bubbles all over Baltimore. Imagine that: depending where one is in the city, it’s possible to get cable internet speed without cable! And down here they call 3G technology groundbreaking…A whole bunch of computer vendors are carrying Wimax notebooks now in Baltimore and it looks like Intel is going big on WiMax, trying to put WiMax on everything. But the thing is: if WiMax is until now only in one single city - Baltimore in this case, why is Intel so into this business of boosting WiMax in everything? From a global perspective Intel may be aiming to widespread this technology and to make it catch up everywhere…South Korea, for instance, is already covered by WiMax and some European countries are looking forward to it.
Considering the fact that the telephone companies that operate in Brazil play a major role on all decisions and projects that are outside their exertions even if these initiatives intend to launch anything that might benefit users, hopes that WiMax technology comes over here soon are just tiny.

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