Friday, April 18, 2008

I was wondering why people get so hooked on pop culture and the buzzes of the socal celebrities. I guess their major reason is an obvious desire to be in the hip circle of their stars and to assume in real life the roles these enchanters have in fiction only. The scary thing though is that America can no longer discern fiction from reality as it could a couple of decades ago. I mean, in its desperate search for sucess, fame, popularity and novelties, americans are losing the grip of the true values that once sustained their nation.
Most of my concerns address to the dangers of counterfeiting reality that mainstream media and pop culture mastermind everyday. Needless to say the effects of their massive enterprises repercute all over the world so that teens and young adults have their lifestyles shaped by such huge phenomena. Perhaps the pop culture victims unaware of it, have the basis of their world perceptions grounded by a set of superficial, flimsy and empty values which creates an atmosphere of cruel competition and animosity.
Well, why should I, a Brazilian man worry about that? I don't know exactly. Maybe because even with all the warts-and-all the US is still a country that I love and foreseeing such a futuristic scenario that would corrupt and destroy the next generations, really scares me out. I mean, America was born to be big and - I know I might sound naive, a light for the world, a role model of the Truth that gave light to the Western and -to some extent, the Eastern civilizations. It lets me down sometimes to see pop culture and the hot-wire Hollywood crap going against that.

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