Monday, March 17, 2008

WELL, after a long time without dropping a line here, I'm back. Actually I kind of had some problems to login once I was asked to type a password that never worked out. Looks like things are on now.
This year all students interested in learning American English will be taking the Touchstone Course by Cambridge University Press while for the ones into the British English we'll be taking the first one-to-one English course ever: Business One-to-One by Oxford University Press.
Most of my current students are already studying with the Touchstone levels 1 and 2, but I know there may be along the year more people to join Juliane who'll be taking the One-to-One focusing on a possible trip to Ireland by the end of 2008.
This time around I'll keep this blog updated with the only single purpose of helping each one of my students on their way to progress their English skills as well as a channel to maximize our class productivity.
Hopefully we'll have another great year in which everyone who takes seriously their English learning acquisition will be blessed with great results.
Thanks for your kind support and for studying with me.

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