Friday, January 05, 2007

Marshall McLuhan:

The Mechanical Bride (pb):
Folklore of Industrial Man

Introduction by Philip B. Meggs

This is the devastating book which first established Marshall McLuhan's reputation as the foremost critic of modern mass communications. The Mechanical Bride is vintage McLuhan - so aptly illustrated by dozens of examples from ads, comic strips, columnists, etc., that those who were stung by McLuhan were hard put for rebuttals. It shows how sex was first used to sell industrial hardware, how Orphan Annie still keeps the world on track, and how an Arabian Nights wonderland of mass entertainment and suggestion makes information irrelevant, and sends us to bed at night too dazed to question whether we're happy or not. We live in an age in which legions of highly educated professionals dedicate themselves to the task of getting inside the collective public mind with the object of manipulating, exploiting and controlling.

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yourbiosindanger said...

the orwellian conception of a big state and the huxley vision of the brave new propaganda world have apoint here as well. mass media is the vehicle centralized government and marketing use to drive their ideals.