Wednesday, June 14, 2006


One of the books we’ve been using in class (Quickwork) brings a nice article about what some companies do to attract and keep their best employees. Everyone would love to have such perks in their own workplaces indeed…

  • Over 95% of the staff team has flexible working hours at the software company WRQ. They also offer a nap room with futons and onsite massages!
  • At the insurance company AFLAC employees can have 12 weeks off with full pay if they need to take care of a sick husband, wife, child, or parent.
  • The US division of Finnish company Nokia reimburses the cost of studies of its employees. The value can reach U$ 5,000.
  • Employees at CDW Computer Centers get free ice-cream in the summer and fruit and bagels (Jewish bread) every Tuesday and Thursday.
  • You don’t have to worry about keeping up with your housework if you work for the printing company Valassis Communication. They provide employees with discounts on maid services and ready-to-heat meals.
  • The CEO at Intel has to work in a cub like everybody else, and there are no reserved parking spaces.

Compared to our national companies, it’s not difficult to infer they still have a long way to go to conquer their employees. It’s frustrating to see most Brazilian companies struggling to skyrocket their profits without caring about their employees wellness. I’m not standing up for more state’s intervention. The best business practices arise from within the organization, through corporative policies that encompasses the contributions of each one of its individuals and challenges distorted visions of profit as a primary goal of an enterprise.

Anyway, what sort of benefits has your company offered you?


Reinaldo Schulze said...

Brazilian companies have some law obligations to provide some benefits to their employees. The traditional ones are transport tickets, lunch time food supply or food tickets. A lot of companies provide good health insurance as well as extra benefits. But unfortunately that is all for most companies!! Top perks (The employees wellness), such as flexible schedule, educational support or even a clear and effective career plan are privileges of a few lucky Brazilians!!

Ethan75 said...

Here's a list of the best companies to work for in Brazil, according to Você S. A and Exame

Ranking das dez melhores

Magazine Luiza
Aes Sul

20 melhores empresas de 100 a 199 funcionários

Agilent Technologies Brasil
Águas de Limeira
Alphaville Urbanismo
Ci&T Software
Emc2 Computer Systems do Brasil
Farmácia Roval de Manipulações
Fersol Indústria E Comercio
FMC Química do Brasil
Imam consultoria
Ipiranga Comercial Química
Marbel RC comércio, importação e exportação
Mineração Corumbaense Reunida
Nasajon Sistemas
Newcommbates Comunicação Integrada
Novozymes Latin America
Rexam Can do Brasil
Rohm and Haas Química
SemiNovos Localiza
Unimed/Vales do Taquari e Rio Pardo

Cristian said...

I think that a large number of Brazilian companies don't care about their employees. These companies usually try to reduce its costs by means of perks reductions, even the ones granted by law. Some companies hired their staffs not as employees but as services suppliers, because by this way they could make a contract that benefits only the company. I know that the cause for the unemployment problem isn't the behaviour of our national companies, but they could make their employees feel better in their jobs, through flexible shifts ( some people work better in afternoon or at night ), better health care benefits or maybe some "gifts" when a difficult objective was reached by a team."