Sunday, May 28, 2006

afterparty also after-party, after party noun [C]
a relaxed social gathering which occurs after a party, concert, or trip to a nightclub
The word afterparty first appeared in the early eighties, though has gained currency much more recently through its exposure in web-based journalism. A related term is the noun/adjective chillout (also chill-out), which emerged in the early nineties based on the phrasal verb chill out (‘to spend time relaxing’). The word chillout encapsulates the quiet period after a party or other hectic event when slow, soothing music is played in a calming atmosphere. One of its most common uses is in referring to a style of soothing music, e.g. chillout music, or simply chillout. In 2002, the idea of chilling out was taken to the extreme in the new concept of a quiet party, an unconventional social gathering in which loud noise and talking are prohibited, with guests often communicating though hand-written notes.
: alcohol intoxicated. Eg. Fred is brewed every evening by 9:00. I think he has a problem.
infomania noun [U]
a condition of reduced concentration caused by continually responding to electronic communications such as e-mail, text-messaging etc.
speed networking also speed-networking noun [U]
a method of making a potential business contact by briefly talking to a series of people at an organised event and exchanging contact details.

“… Speed networking, as it’s more often known, is a relatively new urban trend, increasingly popular in a world where social “capital” – who we know and how they can help us – is prized.”
(The Guardian, 7th February 2005)
healthspan noun [C]
the period of a person’s life during which they are generally healthy and free from serious or chronic illness. Check out the
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Reinaldo Schulze said...


I´ve some experience with after party and I´m sure the music is NOT played in a calming atmosphere, actually, not in after parties of Electronic Music, called "raves" ...
In London-UK, there´s some nightclub´s, or maybe "morningclubs´s" :D who just open 6am, it´s famous places especially to after-party...


Daniel said...

you mean the (after)party is during sunlight?!