Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Daryl, A Brief Introduction - Part 1

"When Daryl cleared up his eyes and wiped away his tears, he could see what lied beyond the outer fence stretched all the way until a narrow track that ended up in a jammed avenue of his home city. A woman lashing his dog’s collar and pulling him closer to her as she tapped with her other hand the impeccable silk silver dress that elegantly showed off her financial status and evident  traces of her personality. She notably ignored the rush of the children around and the beauty of a lush garden surrounding her to focus on her little pet and her fancy clothing. The manner she fiddled her garment somehow combined with the gentle way she brought the dog near her and it all matched with her walk, her snob air and her trendy hairstyle. All elements looked harmoniously stitched and nothing seemed out of place."

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