Friday, May 18, 2012

The Wilson Quarterly: The WikiLeaks Illusion by Alasdair Roberts

The Wilson Quarterly: The WikiLeaks Illusion by Alasdair Roberts

Putting the whole Wikileaks issue aside, this article Argues that ours isn't an age of online anarchy and free information to be grasped properly has a long way to go:

"We have seen some of the difficulties with this viewpoint. Even in the age of the Internet, there is no such thing as the instantaneous and complete revelation of the truth. In its undigested form, information often has no transformative power at all. Raw data must be distilled and interpreted, and the attention of a distracted audience must be captured. The process by which this is done is complex and easily influenced by commercial and governmental interests. This was true before the advent of the Internet and remains true today."


Ryan79 said...

Though nobody controls the web the idea that it can always work out as a perfect synonym for the freedom of expression or an unscathed via of information is just not real.
This article on Wilson Quartely offers a profound view indeed.

Anonymous said...

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