Monday, October 18, 2010


I've heard so much about Starbucks before going to the USA that it became one of those places that I really wanted to stop by and have a check. Well, after some early mornings Capuccinos all I can say is that it pays off the whole buzz around.
São Paulo is home of the first unit of Starbucks in Brazil and I do hope they open another in POA.
Even being a leader in its segment and offering delicious coffees, turnovers and other yummy stuffs, the business is going to be revamped and improved.
Here's just a short video clip that presents some interesting food vocabulary and might make you eager for some Flavored Coffee.


gloria said...

When I went to USA, I have the oportunity to know Starbucks coffees and theirs yummy stuffs. I ate a delicious pumpkin pie that I never forget but they use Colombian an Africans coffees more than Brazilian. They have a very confortable store where you can stay a long time drinking or reading newspaper or talking with friends. I hope they can open a Starbucks here;

Larissa said...

I love coffee, so i really hope that they open another here, in POA. I want to taste their coffee, to see if its really good.