Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Road

It's a post-apocalyptic story that shows a man and his young son striving to survive in a world where crops no longer exist, all animals disappeared, rainy and overcast weather remains permanently and the bleakest reality emerges. As a post-chaos end of times drama, it depicts the smallest acts of generosity as the very best of what we can do as human beings, the ordinary and unnoticed kind actions have a stupendous effect here. No pyrotechnic but raw negotiations for survival in a world where you can't see much hope ahead...

I guess the greatest thing this movie brings is that we as human beings can be extremely mean and cruel but also notoriously good and generous -looks like this aeon dichotomy still prevails at the very end. Also, we should be thankful to God for the life we know, all that surrounds us is absolutely beautiful and majestic if we turn from our selfishness and meanness and see the created things as an undeserving gift.
This movie is heartbreaking and whoever watches it will surely be greatly impacted by its powerful message.


klabe81 said...

I loved this movie.
It shows the strength of the human spirit, or to put it cheesily, the power of love in a time when there is nothing else to keep you going. "Carrying the fire" as it's rightly called in the film.

It's a very depressing story but it has a bitter-sweet melancholic feel to it, especially the end, which I thought was perfect.


craig01 said...

big acting though a little slow and dull

Lab said...

I'd say the story is witty and touching. You do need to be open-minded to grasp it.