Thursday, May 18, 2006


Is it fair to use vivisection (laboratory animals) to help us with our health improvement?

Several groups claim that the health research doesn’t need this practice. Instead, it can use cell culture and computer simulation. Moreover, lab animals are subjected to pain and all kind of atrocities. In most cases, they say, with cosmetic purposes.

Groups that support animal testing say that alternative practices are not so reliable as lab animals. Moreover, they say that animals are handled with care, within the current ethic code.

Nazism regime carried out "scientific experiments" with other peoples that were allowed by Nazi ethic code. Now, we are ashamed of them, but we still subject animals to unpleasant and painful things. Will the next generations be ashamed of us because we insist on using lab animals? Or will they exist because of the current use of animals?


Daniel said...

that's a big issue.
in a nutshell, I think the idea of animals dying to help our wellness and to increase the chances of finding solutions to some of our health problems is far more reasonable than potential human deaths. on the other hand, animal testing is still cruel.

Eduardo Guimarães said...

The problem in my opinion it's how can a person measure if a human life it's more important than the life of other animal.Why should a rat lab die for an experiment? If we talk about rats, mice and other little mammals is far easy not to have remorse about his death, but, for sure, anyone would be shocked with the use of dogs, cats and apes. I think that our parameter for these things are how related we fell to the animal. Normally little mammals are unable to answer to a name, and, as far as I know, they do not remember their owner faces. But if we talk about a dog for example, they resemble many human emontions, as sadness, hapiness and many others. So, my point is that humans judge if a animal is worth dying for our benefit by how much they resemble our fellings and emotions.

Daniel said...

It's great to hear from you!
I think you raise some interesting points here. I always thought that people kind of project part of themselves in pets so that they truly resemble feelings or even reasoning. I don't believe dogs or cats will ever be sacrificed for scientific reasearch on the other hand.

Hope everything is fine with you over there.
Keep in touch.