Thursday, March 23, 2006


I’d like to apologize for taking so much time to write some words about my vacation.
Well, last February I travelled with a friend of mine through the Brazilian coast, from the State of Rio Grande do Sul until the State of São Paulo. We went by car, and drove on highways and on narrow and sandy roads. We got on many ferryboats and small boats to visit new places and different people. In a couple of weeks we were in four islands (Florianópolis, São Francisco do Sul, Ilha do Mel e Ilha Bela) besides of the beach of Maresias and the city of São Paulo.
The trip allowed us to meet many and interesting people, foreigners mainly. Young people came from Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Israel, Australia. Students, a baker, a fisherman and a carpenter, people who could speak two or three languages and travel to different countries on vacation. So I wondered when could bakers, fishermen or carpenters from Brazil do the same things?
By the way, all of them spoke English. And I really appreciate very much when I realized I could understand them and talk with them. Ok, I could understand everyone except Nathan, the Australian fisherman who works fishing whales in Alaska. However, not even the Israeli could understand Nathan’s accent. Thus, I realized I really improved my English. Good job, Daniel. Good job.

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