Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Does Neuroscience Refute Ethics?
I came across this startling article on Mises:

A highly fashionable brand of neuroscience claims that empirical investigation of brainwaves has essentially refuted the idea of universal norms. More precisely, these scientists use facts about brain activity to argue 1) there are no moral facts, it's all a matter of opinion; and 2) we should all become utilitarians and donate to charity with purely altruistic motives.

Or simply put, another forgery for validating the mundane psychopolitics or the contemporary version of realpolitik as it assembles the "virtues" of socialism with the upper-elegant-avant garde humanitarian labels, prompting a justification for the deeds that will be done for the good of the mankind. The distorted vision this theory brings about remakes the assumptions of the post-modern relativism adding up a new and improved blend: now it is all about brain activity.

Nothing new under the sun.

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