Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Comments on the Age of Lead

In order not to publish a very long comment, I'll post the tale's review in parts. So that's the first one. Let me tell you that the story is quite better than "The Hairball" but on the other hand more difficult to understand.

A man who had been buried in the permafrost for over a hundred and fifty years is removed to the surface, they take the lid off the cofin and he is impressively in a good state, “almost as when he was buried”!

Jane is watching the show on the tv. She doesn’t often spend much time in front of the telly but this documentary has captivated her. tv and media in general are becoming increasingly stupid, in fact. “Even the commercials with their sureal dailiness, are beginning to look sinister, to suggest meanings behind themselves, behind their façade of cleanliness, luciousness, health, power and speed”. This time though, she leaves the tv on ‘cause this show is so unlike what is usually on.

John Torrington is the name of the iced man. He was a seaman indeed and one of the first to die when the “Franklin Expedition” wrecked. Jane thinks there is something noble and daring about expeditions, despite thier losses and failures, or because of them.
Watching the show and seeing the ice melting around J. Torrington’s body, Jane remembers the young Vincent in the school saying: “Franklin, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Which shows how arrogant and careless this guy was.

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