Monday, July 26, 2004

Anderson & Luciana
Some of the words we faced in our last lesson :
Swoosh: The noise of a sudden rush of liquid, air, etc.
Pew: (in a church) a long bench with a back; 2 British colloquial: a seat.
Stool: A seat without a back or arms, usually for one person. (as the one in the picture)
Outlet:outlet (SHOP)
noun [C]
a shop that is one of many owned by a particular company and that sells the goods which the company has produced:
a fast-food outlet
a retail outlet

Retail: noun [U]
the activity of selling goods to the public, usually in small quantities:
The job is open to applicants with over two years' experience in retail.
Wholesale: adjective, adverb
of or for the selling of goods in large amounts at low prices to shops and businesses, rather than the selling of goods in shops to customers:
wholesale prices
a wholesale supplier/business
We only sell wholesale, not to the public.
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