Friday, May 28, 2004

Here are the words and expressions we stumbled this week.

May, 28, 2004
Arquibancada: Stand
Lance (esporte): Move
Cheque sem fundo: A bounced cheque
Lançar a bola (esporte) : To bowl
Gastador: Spendthrift, extravagant, thriftless
Azulejo: Tile
Lerdo: Dull, slugish
“Rodar” , reprovar (exame, teste): To flunk
Conjuntivite: Conjunctivitis, Pinkeye
Estafante, extenuante: Grueling, Overworking. Eg. Luciana has had a grueling routine. She has overworked lately.
Ultrapassar, exceder, invadir: Overrun
Passar por, passar perto de : Pass by (pode também ser ignorar, omitir)

1 comment:

Christian said...

Hey Dude,

I think this one very interesting:
Overcome = Se superar
e.g: I believe that we will overcome in the end.

Also is used to prevent someone for something:
e.g: He will be overcome about the classes' beginning .