Thursday, May 27, 2004

Along the Route

Getting to know all of you along these years have made me more conscious of the importance of interacting on a regular basis, which could become monotonous but has proven differently indeed.
Bottom line here: An English Lesson is much more than an English Lesson, got it ? The unexpected chats and revelations have prevailed before the simple and (sometimes) predictable books syllabuses.
And I've come to realize we're all full of wishful thinkings though very often we are on a solid factual basis for building our dreams. Goals and dreams, by the way, boost our inititiaves and make us search our best to achieve these ends. It's not that we're absolutely moved by these stratospheric desires, but the truth is they really play a crucial role in our lifestyles.
Perhaps they are the cause for some of you to save money and study English. They may give rise to powerful ideas of travel and life abroad: Canada, Italy, Germany, the US, etc. They may conjecture with your reason about love, marriage, children, professionalism, adventure, complacency, volunteering, monetary sucess, friendship and so on. They help to pave way for your future, in fact.
Ok, I just drop these lines for expressing my gratitude for studying English with you, learning so much and being rewarded with you companion.
Hope we keep up climbing the cliffs all of us face.
Count on me.


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