Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Best Sports Photo II

Talking about sports and pictures, I tried but couldn't find on the intenet, any picture of the incredible
movement performed by Daiane dos Santos in the Gymnastics World Championship (Anaheim CA).

Even so, you can see another movement performed in the Santo Domingo's Pan American Games, where Daiane wasn't so good than in Anaheim, but for me this picture (click on the link and scroll down
to see the picture
) is much better than the top 10 sports pictures of the links below, 'cause her movement is
much more awesome than anyone in the other pictures.

She's the only gymnast in the world who can perform that movement without any errors, and doing it she won the gold medal in the World Championship.

The Inside Gymnastics Magazine describe their feelings: "Amazing routine! Clearly the most powerful tumbler in the competition."

Congratulations to Daiane and to Brazil (the soccer's country).. now... also a great name in gymnastics.

Douglas Falcão

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