Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Better ways

I'm writing to share an article about getting alternative ways and it's advantages to our lifes.
"...One way is to jump onto the freeway and join the teaming masses who travel there. The way appears easy because the road is wide. The way seems reasonable because this is the way most people go. But I’ve gone that way before and I know something of the dangers of that road. Everyone is tense and jockeying for position. Accidents are common, often fatal. It is a highway of danger and death.

I’ve found another way...
But I’ve found another way and I choose to travel it. Few seem to know about it; fewer still actually travel on it. It’s a narrow, winding road through the woods. The way is not totally safe, it has its own unique dangers. But still, I’ve found that the trip goes far better on that road. On that road I’m not dodging accidents or swerving to escape being struck by another traveler. On that road, though the way seems slower, I’m enabled to enjoy something of the beauty of what God has made along the way. And in a sense, I now sense that I’m traveling with Him. I feel like I’m somehow more alive as I travel down that road."

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