Wednesday, May 21, 2003

1995. That was the year I met Seth Stoll for the very first time. He was a very disciplined guy. He learned discipline after spending part of his life working at a kind of Christian academy which prepares youngsters for countless activities in their future and provides lots of interesting tasks to shape a staunch character. We became friends, traveled many times, studied both Portuguese and English and had lots of fun with other Christian fellows.

He stayed here in Brazil for about one year, then set off to the US again. We lost contact until last year when he visited us on May and late November, if I’m not mistaken.

Seth has got a very interesting web site where he speaks about his personal life and gives details about the accident he had when he was a child. There are sections of pictures taken here in Brazil and others in the US. Above all, he tells us something related to his faith in God and how the actions we take now are decisive to our coming future.

Check it out there and enjoy the ride !


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